Thursday, June 11, 2015

Women's Fashion: 5 Things a Chic Woman Can’t Live Without

 Every Chic woman needs her own signature items! Whether it’s a night out on the town or a casual brunch with a friend, you always need your staple pieces with you. As women, turning heads is what we live for. These pieces will always help you do so.

J Brand - Maria - Night bird Grey

A perfectly fitting pair of jeans is a necessity for women of all ages.  Finding that perfect fit can sometimes be daunting, since there are millions of sizes, shapes and styles out there. Just remember; “Variety is the spice of life”, so consider buying a few different washes of jeans! These J Brand jeans in a grey wash are especially good to have in your closet.  The skinny leg can easily transition from a casual day-look to sophisticated evening date by simply adding a tailored blazer or blouse.

Rebecca Minkoff Jules Satchel -Black

 A purse is much more than a simple accessory.  It is a way to carry your life and express your style, all while looking effortlessly fashionable. Since you keep it by your side 24-7, why not purchase the most eye-catching one? Handles, size, color, quality, structure and cost are all important things to keep in mind while in the market for a new purse. Consider this Rebecca Minkoff bag! It is the perfect size to hold all necessities, and it’s durable enough to deal with day-to-day chronic over-stuffing. Short handles give a more business look, while the long strap provides a more relaxed appearance. 

Ray Bans - Chris

They save your day when it is just too sunny- the perfect pair of sunglasses can make or break your outfit. It’s always good to have a standard pair of Ray-Bans to help block those intense sun rays and prevent squinting and wrinkles (while still looking fresh and fabulous). So behold, these classic Ray-Bans will provide the shade that you need while it’s sunny and a great accessory on your head when it’s not.

 Splendid –Rayon Voile L/S Shirt

We’ve all heard the classic style of jeans and a T. The jeans and t-shirt combo gives off that low-maintenance, natural and approachable vibe that appeals to men (and really, to everyone). While capturing that same effortless approach why not upgrade to a flowy splendid button down top? By changing from the plain-T to the blouse you are able to still give off the same vibe with more of a polished look.

In stores only

It’s summer, which means that it is the perfect time to find a new fragrance!  Deciding whether you want a signature scent or a seasonal scent is very important. This Juliette has a gun line provides great options in both of these categories.  Juliette Has A Gun “anyway” has a blend of musk, woods and citrus, leaving you with a subtle and persistent trail.

-Allyson Mae - Women's Fashion

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