Thursday, June 11, 2015

Men's Fashion: Curated Looks for Spring/Summer 2015, part III

The Blue Man

Shirt: Vineyard Vines Slim Fit Tucker Shirt (in store only)
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Caravan
Belt: Bill Adler in Deep Navy (in store only)

    The sun is shining in the sky, and The Blue Man (what, you think we like ELO that much?) is out to set the tone. Shades of blue dominate this outfit, with enough contrast provided by the rich navy leathers of the belt and shoes to avoid looking like your mom matched your clothes before school. A slim fit Vineyard Vines button-up compliments deep blue Original Penguin chinos in their timeless P55 fit. Smartwool Lifestyle socks add a pop of unexpected color in an otherwise restrained palette – we highly recommend cuffing your pants to let the socks grab attention. Finally: the watch. The Luminox Atacama Field Day Date’s pale leather band handsomely complements its rugged brushed steel face with high-contrast numerals, and completes this outfit only too well. Take it from the man himself - there’s a reason they’re called “dress blues”.

The Commuter
Shoes: Tom’s Paseo Sneakers in Navy (in store only)
Sunglasses: Smith Optics Wayward with Croakies
Accessories: Victorinox Bike Tool and Darn Tough Light Cushion Wool Socks

    The Commuter likes a lot of desirable things: he likes exercise (check), the environment (check), and saving gas money (check). On top of it all, the Commuter likes to look good on and off the bike (double check). Patagonia’s packable, water-resistant Light and Variable jacket fights inclement weather, especially useful when those rain drops are coming on at 30mph. A breathable, moisture-wicking Tech T by Icebreaker fights off stink and sweat from even the most trying of hill climbs. To top it all off, Smith Optics sunglasses (held on tight by Croakies) with treated lenses cut roadway glare and keep the Commuter effortlessly aware of his surroundings – and that classic Wayfarer design ensures he’ll be noticed. Ditch the stretched-out compression shorts: the only thing between the Commuter and where he’s going is the road.

The Sandman
Shoes: Tom’s Originals in Grey (in store only)
Belt: Bill Adler in Pale Red (in store only)

    The Sandman is a modern nomad, and this desert-inspired outfit helps him keep cool while he explores everything from the Mojave to Main Street. Scale rocks all morning, then hit the town at night in this versatile, contemporary fit. A breezy Woolrich short-sleeved oxford shirt in a Southwestern khaki stripe evokes the color palette of the desert landscape – but hey, it also looks really good, too.  Stretchable, cotton-elastane blend AG jeans lend unexpected flexibility to what is sure to be your new favorite pair of jeans. Throw on some slip-on Tom’s Originals, leave the socks at home, and wander well.  

~Alex R. -Men's Fashion


This is Part III of our "Men's Curated Looks" collection for Spring/Summer 2015.

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