Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Importance of Brunch

    As the stereotypical "overworked, underpaid college student", my Sundays are usually working or studying. I rarely get the opportunity to luxuriate in the blissful combination meal known for its mid-morning lounging and delicious platters. This past Sunday, thanks to a visit from my amazing family, I had the rare opportunity to brunch.

    Brunch is indeed a verb. "To brunch" is to spend hours at the table, sampling hearty breakfast foods with the ones you love - at least that's my definition! The proper brunch starts late in the morning (so everyone can sleep in) and includes a little bit of everything: some sweet, some savory, and best of all, dessert. 

    My family and I brunched at Sava’sone of Ann Arbor’s best-known brunch destinations. Because I spent the past two months starting each morning with Honey Nut Cheerios, I took this opportunity to eat as much as I possibly could.

    The first course came in a form of Sava’s Breakfast Platter. I enjoyed this amazing plate of a sweet potato hash brown, chicken sausage, a fried egg, and toast. To say I inhaled this plate is an understatement: I ate quickly and took no prisoners. Just look at it! It's that good. My favorite item on the platter was definitely the hash brown. I am obsessed with sweet potatoes of all types, but something about a fried sweet potato topped with brown sugar and a mystery-white-sauce agreed very well with my taste buds.

    Even though I finished my food quickly, I embraced the finer points of brunching by lingering over conversation on a beautiful Sunday morning. My family and I caught up, laughed, and savored every bite of Sava's amazing cuisine! After we all cleaned our plates, a waiter appeared with dessert menus as if on queue. I literally could not contain my excitement. I am the ultimate dessert lover, especially after brunch! There is nothing better than a combination of breakfast food and rich dessert. 

    Sava’s has an incredible dessert menu, full of unique choices to suit every kind of sweet tooth from decadent fruit to rich chocolate and everything in between. After debating between getting all of the desserts—this idea was shot down by my father—I opted for a classic: the Birthday Cake. 

    WOW. Did I make the right decision or what? A combination of white cake and sweet buttercream frosting made this treat the best thing that I have ever put into my mouth. Each bite was a perfect combination of cake and frosting! The black coffee (it is brunch) accompanying it added the perfect touch of bitter. The table fell silent as my family all dug into their respective desserts. A chorus of mmmmm's and wow's replaced our normal chatter, but that's the magic of brunch: sharing an amazing experience with the people at your table.

    So, here's to brunch! Extra sleep, breakfast foods, conversation, and dessert? Brunch is avery important meal, and one that should be celebrated - maybe even with birthday cake. Happy eating, Ann Arbor! 

~Carly N. -Women's Fashion


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