Friday, September 11, 2015

Dude, Dress Better: The Cheap, Versatile College Wardrobe for Guys

    College is a chance to reinvent yourself - to grab opportunity by the horns, carpe some diems, and make the future your own. So why are you still wearing your high school sports t-shirt to class? We polled our fashion experts (and that cute girl from your Psych discussion - you know the one) for their student budget-friendly picks, and then created a bright, easy-to-read infographic to help you shop. Simple, right?

    Up your style game with this cheap, versatile college wardrobe that emphasizes high quality basics over expensive, one-off fashion pieces. Dress better, spend less, and still only do laundry twice a month: this is the Bivouac College Wardrobe Guide (for Guys).


Need some help putting it all together? We've got you covered. Check out our Men's Curated Looks series (Parts OneTwoThree, and Four linked here) to get our expert insight.

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