Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Introducing: Wellness Wednesdays! Meet Your Guest Bloggers

    It's no secret that we here at Bivouac are big proponents of the active lifestyle. From early morning trail runs to "Bivouac Eats", food, fitness, and the great outdoors go hand in hand. Today, we're proud to introduce a new weekly feature all about living healthy: Wellness Wednesdays!

    Every Wednesday, a local lifestyle blogger will be taking over the Bivouac Blog and Instagram to share nutritious recipes, favorite workout routines, and tips on how to stay active and healthy during the busy school year. Hump Day? More like midweek pick-me-up for your healthy life.

Without further ado, meet your two lifestyle experts: 
Sarah Wood (@oatsandwoes) & Sarah Barnitt (@squatsinskirts)! 

Sarah Wood 
Sophomore, Stephen M. Ross School of Business 
Instagram: @oatsandwoes // Blog:

    Sarah Wood is a sophomore University of Michigan business student and very passionate breakfast food enthusiast. She enjoys consuming copious amounts of guacamole, sleeping with socks on, and long walks to the Big House. Sarah's marketable skills include meticulous fruit arrangement and a proficiency in excel. 


Sarah Barnitt 
Junior, School of Information
Instagram: @squatsinskirts

    Sarah Barnitt is a 20 year old Wolverine in the School of Information who's LinkedIn interests include mornings, endorphins, and #aesthetics. She aims to share her two chief passions - fitness and healthy living - with as many others as possible others in any way possible. You can spot Sarah in the gym by her pearl earrings and full face of makeup at the squat rack. Excessive? Perhaps. 

    Sarah can also be found taking pictures of my food at any of Ann Arbor's incredible restaurants or diligently stalking the sale section of JCrew. Gym rat by morning, Instagram junkie by night. If you see me around town, introduce yourself and share a bowl of oatmeal!


     Keep watching the Bivouac Blog every week as Sarah & Sarah highlight the best ways to empower your healthy lifestyle! Eat well, sweat well, live well; outfit your life.


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