Wednesday, September 9, 2015

#WellnessWednesday: 5 Simple Tips to Conquer Your Morning Workout

    I used to have a love-hate relationship with morning workouts. 

    Sure, it makes you feel so strong and accomplished, but lets face it, y’all - getting out of bed to go sweat and lift heavy things is cumbersome and requires a level of motivation many people don’t have. BUT, I’ve grown to love morning workouts and prefer them to any other time of day! So, here are some strategies I’ve picked up to help me get going when I'd rather stay in bed.. 

1. Wear bright colors.
This is a must. If you’re wearing ratty, drab gym clothes, you won’t be excited to put them on and kill it in the gym. Make your workout outfits exciting and fun! I’ve found that my bright orange Nikes (pictured above) do the trick just fine. 

2. Embrace caffeination. 
Serious lifters may prefer an actual pre-workout supplement to improve their performance, but for me, I find about half a cup of black coffee is enough to wake me up and provide me with enough energy to get started. 

3. Listen to great music. 
This is a MUST. You need upbeat, pump-up music if you’re going to work out in the morning! There are a ton of Spotify and 8tracks playlists curated just for this purpose, or you can make your own! I view the gym as a place to listen to all the catchiest bubblegum pop I want without judgement. 

4. Make it a habit. 
This may seem counter-intuitive, but once you push yourself to regularly workout in the morning, it just becomes a part of your routine. Once you’ve established a routine, it’s much harder to break. So keep pushing - once you make it a habit, you’ll never go back! 

5. Live for sunrises.
As usual, the best for last. If you wake up early enough, you’re bound to see some beautiful (and photogenic) sunrises that make even the most difficult early morning workout worth it! Many people find a level of peace and serenity in the morning that is unmatched by any other time of day. You may be one of them! 

So enjoy your morning workouts, I promise you’ll feel amazing! 

~Sarah B. (@squatsinskirts)


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