Thursday, October 15, 2015

The 3 Fall Colors Your Wardrobe Needs

      While I hate to admit it, I can be quite the stereotypical girl when it comes to fall. Nothing excites me more than seeing leaves fall, trees change colors, all while clutching my Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (I’m sorry).

      Along the same lines, there is no season I enjoy shopping for more than fall. While aligning with the colors of the trees, I love matching my wardrobe to the colors that nature provides us.

      Olive, green, brown, maroon, and cranberry are all colors I keep stocked in my wardrobe with fall specifically in mind. Here are a few essentials I have in my closet that I look forward to wearing as the season turns.

1. Burgundy

      Without a doubt, this darker hue of red is one of the hottest colors in the mix for fall. It’s a great color because it’s not black or grey, but still subtle enough that even a self-proclaimed “I only wear black” snob such as myself can feel comfortable wearing it.

      I plan to pair my burgundy apparel with dark denim or black. I would advise staying away from any sort of olive pant—to avoid looking like you arrived early to a holiday celebration.

     I’m a huge fan of this Shark Hem cardigan from Free People in "Red Berry"!

2. Olive

      The perfect segue into my next favorite color for autumn, olive takes the prize as being the most versatile and my personal favorite shade for PSL season. Olive pants are the perfect alternative to jeans and look great with any neutral colored top.

      I plan to pair my olive pants with a cream-colored sweater and comfortable riding boots. Add a brown scarf or vest and you’ll have a perfect and earthy outfit that will keep you warm on the coldest October days.

These Splendid jogger pants are the perfect thing to wear to class - they are both comfortable AND 100% fashionable.

3. Mustard

      No list is complete without a wild card and I’m definitely pulling for a darker tint of yellow as my secret obsession for this fall. Mustard yellow is the ideal pairing to any white, cream or grey item. To avoid looking like a bumblebee, I would stay away from pairing mustard yellow with anything black.

      For an extra-spirited fall look, add a navy sweater or scarf to your mustard-yellow clothing piece. You’ll look stylish and pay respects to your favorite college football team!

     Add this Free People tank to your grey skinnies for an easy, breezy autumn look!

      Happy Fall!

      ~Carly N. -Women's Fashion


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