Thursday, October 8, 2015

The School-Life-Fashion Balance

    Like most college students, I value my sleep… and since I don’t get much of it in the first place, I like to get in every little bit I can in the mornings.

    I have this really bad habit of abusing the snooze button. I tell myself that I’m going to wake up at 9, but then I don’t get up until 9:40, so I end up rushing to get ready. Once I’m finally ready I have no time to eat breakfast so I get to be that guy whose stomach is growling uncomfortably loudly in the middle of lecture… it’s super awkward, trust me.

    I also have a habit of rolling out of bed, putting on my favorite black leggings and the first big sweater I can find, throwing my hair into a messy bun and calling it a day. The problem is, I wake up so close to the start of my first class that I’m not really fully awake when I get there so I I end up doodling or writing random “To-Do” lists (full of stuff I never actually end up doing) rather than focusing.

    Eventually I decided that my laziness was becoming a problem. I think it finally hit me the first time ordered Insomnia Coookies- which is about a 3 minute walk away from my house- for delivery. Anyway, this realization led me to try something crazy: I decided to start waking up earlier in the mornings #GASP

    Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Why would I ever want to wake up early, I have class like all the time and SOOOO much homework and a job and I barely sleep as it is and blah blah blah…” Trust me I’m right there with you so I totally get it. College students are busy. With classes, homework, clubs, etc., the prospect of getting a good night’s sleep has started to feel like an oxymoron, so why risk losing anymore sleep than you have to, right?

    But, here’s the thing: when I say I started waking up earlier, I’m only talking about 15 minutes… I know, I know, every minute counts when you’re up until 4 a.m. studying for that exam tomorrow, writing that paper due Thursday, and trying to complete those problem sets due at 8 a.m.; but think about it, that extra 15 minutes will give you time to make yourself a cup of coffee- because you know that there will definitely be a line the Starbs on South U, so that just isn’t happening- and that cup of coffee will give you way more energy than an extra 15 minutes of sleep.

    Waking up a little earlier also allows some time to spend a few extra minutes getting ready in the morning. Yeah, yeah, I know: “it’s just class, who cares what you look like…” but that’s not what it’s about. As a general rule, I am a MUCH more efficient person when I feel confident and put together… the first time I ever wore jeans to class, I organized my entire planner (that’s big stuff for me).

    Now, maybe it’s the fact that feeling put together gives me some sense of responsibility... Or maybe I just work better when I’m feelin’ myself ~shoutout to Nikki and B~. Either either way, taking the time to put myself together in the mornings has had a positive impact when it comes to how productive I am on a daily basis. Seriously, like 10 out of 10 would recommend trying it out.
Here’s how to do it:

Step # 1: The Outfit.

    Being comfortable is crucial when you’re spending your days crammed in a lecture hall trying to take notes without elbowing the guy next to you, so it is important to look cute and feel confident without having to sacrifice comfort.

    Try pairing an oversized sweater with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans. I like to wear a lace bralette underneath to add some extra detail.

    Finally, accessorize by piling on the necklaces - I’m a huge fan of the layered necklace trend if you can’t tell - and throw on a pair of comfortable flats (I’m obsessed with these cheetah-print Vans! So cute and comfy!) and you’re all set. Trendy but still comfy, what more could you ask for?

Step #2: The Final Touches.

    Having a cute outfit is a start, but I like to add a few final touches to complete the look.

    Makeup takes a lot of time and effort, so rather than doing a full face of makeup every morning, I stick to the basics.

    I like to start with a light moisturizer followed by a BB cream. I love this BB cream by Kiehl’s because it has sunscreen so I get a little bit of protection when I’m outside walking to and from classes. I finish off my makeup routine with a tinted lip gloss and sometimes a light coat of mascara… if I’m feeling ambitious that morning.

    Right before I head out the door for class I like to spritz on a little bit of perfume (Tokyo Milk Gin and Rosewater is my absolute favorite) and touch up my nails with a file since I pretty much never have them painted.

    In total, my regime takes about 15 minutes. I walk to class feeling cute and confident rather than feeling like people are questioning whether or not I’m in my pajamas. 15 minutes gives me a completely new attitude in the morning, so why not take the time to work some fashion into your daily life?

~Cat S. -Women's Fashion


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