Saturday, March 26, 2016

Trotting Around in Turkey Run State Park

Over the last long weekend I had the opportunity to hike in Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. This was the perfect chance to try out a bunch of the newest hiking gear that I purchased from Bivouac. I had on my Prana Halle pants which were amazing because of the quick dry and super durable material (I fell while climbing a bit and nothing tore!), my icebreaker bolt top, which in merino was great to ward off any chill and allowed for high visibility on the trail and quick drying when a bit of rain hit while on the trail, and my Oboz Yellowstone in B-dry. The shoes were the best thing I could ask for. They had traction where and when I needed it; they more than proved themselves “true to the trail”. The gear was amazing and worked out to my advantage throughout the entire weekend.

Hiking in Turkey Run State Park was amazing. It had scenic overviews and rock formations that I could clamor up. The park was founded in 1916 by the Indiana state park system. It is complete with a suspension footbridge over Sugar Creek  and a trail (#3) which hosts multiple ladders to traverse through the narrow deep gorges.  (see image below)
The park features were mainly formed out of sandstone, and as you hike deeper into the park you will come across Falls Canyon which consists of a series of canyons complete with a seasonal waterfall.
As it was a bit on the colder side, many of the waterways were frozen over so it made walking the trails a bit easier and less wet. Just watch your step! During the summer months, parts of the trails may be impassable due to high water, so I would recommend using trekking poles.
Turkey Run consists of eleven marked trails that run from ‘moderate’ to ‘very rugged’. The park is not meant for those that are looking for an easy day hike. The only drawback that I, as an avid hiker, could determine from this beautiful location was the fact that there is no backpacking or backcountry overnight stays  allowed in the park. Visitors either need to stay at the park inn or at the electric campsites.  If you are looking for an easy day of a few hikes or just to relax, the park offers fishing, and various other organized activities including bird watching, and stargazing. All in all, my weekend trip to Southern Indiana was a blast and the highlight of that trip was my visit to Turkey Run State Park in Marshall Indiana. 

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