Friday, September 15, 2017

Back to School EATS

One of the best parts about coming back to campus in the fall is indulging in al of the great Ann Arbor restaurants you've been missing for the past 4 months. From our favorite coffee spots to some newcomers, here are Bivouac's favorite Back to School eats that you should definitely check out before you leave Ann Arbor.

Best of Brunch: 

Photo via Instagram @eat_this_

Angelo's - an Ann Arbor breakfast staple. With large portions and a huge menu, you can't go wrong... but get the raisin toast... always get the raisin toast.

Photo via Instagram @savas_ann_arbor

Sava's - odds that you've seen an Instagram or two from Sava's are probably high. You could go classic with some Avocado Toast or mix it up with their sweet potato latkes - whatever you pick you'll leave satisfied 

Photo via Instagram @bivouacannarbor

Fred's  - in the space that used to be Babo right under Sterling Lofts came another truly Instagramable yet delicious breakfast spot. With options on the lighter side such as refreshing smoothie bowls and breakfast sandwiches, Fred's is the perfect way to recover from a long weekend. 

For your mid-day caffeine fix:

Photo via Instagram @espressoroyalecafe

Espresso Roayle - because nothing beats $2.50 Latte Wednesdays! With multiple locations and plenty of seating, Espresso Royale is a great spot to meet up with friends to get a few hours of studying in between classes. 

Photo via Instagram @labannarbor

Lab Cafe - if you're looking for a cozy spot to study or grab a more unique espresso drink at, Lab is the place. With it's light and airy atmosphere and delicious drinks such as the vanilla rose or lavender latte, we always enjoy spending a few hours here studying or catching up with friends.

Avalon  - part cafe, part restaurant, Avalon is one of our new favorite spots. Whether you're stopping in for a quick coffee or sitting down to enjoy a snack from their yummy brunch menu, you can't go wrong. There's plenty of seating and is also a great spot (a little further off campus) to get away from some of the more busy coffee spots. 

Late Night Cravings:

Photo via Instagram @bivouacannarbor

NYPD  - because you can't turn down a slice when you're walking by late at night (from the library of course)

Hunter House  - right next to NYPD, this diner serves up delicious sliders and fries any time of day (but somehow they taste better the later it gets?). Don't forget to top it off with a milkshake!

Photo via Fleetwood Diner Facebook

Fleetwood Diner - another iconic Ann Arbor stop. Hippie Hash day or night will always leave you satisfied. We dare you to try and resist it after a late night at Circus or Live. 

Ann Arbor Classics: 

Zingerman's Deli - Obama and Oprah approved. Not much else to say because if you haven't heard of Zingerman's do you really live in Ann Arbor?

Photo via Instagram @krazyjimsblimpyburger

Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger - while it may not be in the OG spot anymore, it's still just as greasy and delicious. Just be careful not to be caught texting in line and make sure you know you're order in the right order! ("Helpful Hints for Blimpy Virgins" -->

Photo via Instagram @bivouacannarbor 

Frita Batidos - a delicious, cuban-style burger that will melt in your mouth. Pair with a batido (similar to a milkshake) and some mouth-watering garlic cilantro fries. These burgers are well worth the line that you'll typically find there 

For When Your Parents Come to Town: 

Photo via Instagram @visitannarbor

Knights - since we can't always afford to treat ourselves to nice meals out (broke college life, am I right), Knights is a go-to for when you're parents are in town and you can swing a few good meals rather than another night of ramen. 

Photo via Instagram @bivouacannarbor

Mani Osteria - woodfired pizza that's to die for and many steps above those greasy, late night slices you enjoy when the parents aren't around (we do it too, don't worry). But truly, anything on the Mani menu is a good choice & makes for a good parent's weekend choice

Photo via Instagram @bivouacannarbor 

Aventura  - a great choice if you're indecisive! Load up on a variety of tapas plates and a pan of paella and you're good to go! The patatas bravas is a go-to


Chela's Restaurant and Taqueria - now with a newly opened location on 5th ave in Downtown Ann Arbor,  Chela's is the spot for quick and delicious tacos, burritos, etc. They were voted the best tacos in Ann Arbor so you know they're good - they even serve breakfast! Chela's is a definite must this school year